October 11, 2009
From tiny acorns...

From tiny acorns...

Welcome to Wax Lyrical. This blog will be subject to two areas of interest – the first, with more of an academic purpose, will be a discussion of the world of online journalism and how the media is changing because of technology.

The second, my attempt to satisfy a niche market whilst writing about something I am genuinely interested in, will be lyrics. Before you head back to Facebook, let me explain. I love music. My musical progression has gone from pop, to metal, rock, punk, emo, and now i’m much more involved in dance music, electro, techno and all in between. I also enjoy a great amount of singer-songwriters, folk, so-called anti-folk and the like. Although the initial draw to music is its sound, one stays for the lyrics.

A song can have the catchiest hook this side of Abbey Road but if the lyrics are useless, poorly-thought through, ill-fitting, or just plain awful, it can ruin the song. I believe lyrics should have meaning. They should relate to something. Their should be a purpose to them, a reason for them being chosen. They paint the picture. They are the reason your hairs stand on end.

Now then, I will try desperately hard not to show too many of my emo(tional) roots for fear of social reprisals, and consequently I will try and take lyrics from across the genre board. I will also try not use pathetic cliches like ‘genre board’. Expect discussions of Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Brand New, Manchester Orchestra…the list could go on, but I don’t want to scare you off. Exiting stuff, no?


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