A Summer Wasting

October 20, 2009

I am finding it so difficult to stop myself posting a new song on here everyday. This blog has really opened my eyes to how much i love lyrics. It’s opened my eyes to how much of a massive emo loser I am. This is something i’m going to have to come to terms with. At least, i’m not this guy/girl.  




Anyway, to stop my emotions ruling this blog, and because the last song was utterly depressing, enter, Belle and Sebastian. The Scottish x-piece are one of the most underrated bands out there. The Boy With the Arab Strap changed the way i listened to music. The melodic folk layered with beautiful Scottish vocals would send even the hardiest metal fan into a utopian daydream. The song I’ve chosen to talk about today is A Summer Wasting taken from the aforementioned album.

This song dragged me kicking and screaming through my A-level revision. The thought of “seven weeks of river walkways, seven weeks of staying up all night” was the most beautiful relief when you had been reading about the differences between Disraeli and Gladstone for 5 hours. I must have listened to this musical heroin at least a hundred times charting my voyage from History, through Chemistry, and onto the dreaded English Literature; this song portrayed summer as such lazy escapism that I knew i had to just grit my teeth, close my eyes and hope that any 3-hour exams passed me by without realising it. The one line in particular that assisted my struggle for lazy summer days was this:

“Seven weeks of reading papers”

There is so much to that line. It is not just about reading the newspaper, it’s about having the free time to do what you want; to be able to browse G2 at your leisure; to be able to have cereal 3 times a day just becuase you couldn’t be bothered to make anything else (diet is not important when you have nothing to do). It’s about waking up after 12, not bothering about dressing yourself (unless the window-cleaners were coming – I learnt that lesson the awkward way), and the spending the entire day sitting in the garden.


If Winter gets you down – which it shouldn’t because Winter is marvellous; cold, crisp mornings where you can see your breath, and the freezing air shudders your body awake are what i live for – then listen to this song. If the squelch of dead Autumn leaves is slowly destroying your soul., this song is your friend. Next week, more depressing songs about people dying in crashes.


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