@Trafigura – Gutted for ya m8. Bettr luck nxt time, yeh.

October 21, 2009

For a sensible analysis of the internet’s effect on the media see herehere, not here, and maybe here.

With the speed that the internet / twitter / facebook / delicious / bebo / panther / sauasage and tent.com move these days the Trafigura super-injunction now is old news. Nonetheless, revenge (read analysis) is a dish best served cold, so here we are.


I will not bore you with the details as I’m fairly sure anyone who kept reading after Trafigura was mentioned in the heading to this post, know the ins, outs, and bits we’re not supposed to know about the case. A quick summary; Trafigura dumps toxic waste, allegedly, The Guardian find out, Trafigura get a super-injunction gagging them from even thinking about it, MP asks question in Parliament, gagging act still stands, Guardian whine a bit, internet get hold of it, the sound of millions of people whining is heard around the blogosphere, Carter-Ruck back down, Guardi…I mean, the inter…I mean, justice wins.

I appreciate the effect that Twitter and the online community had in discouraging Carter-Ruck and Trafigura from attempting to maintain silence in the media, however, I feel that they are singing their own praises a little too much. Once the Guardian had reported their gagging order through a front page, a traditional medium, the ball was already rolling. Of course, the internet made seeking out the ‘gagged’ question a lot easier, but did Twitter really have the ultimate victory it is claiming. Was it not the straw that broke the camel’s back?


I fully appreciate the internet’s value; this i am not disputing. The ‘power’ of Twitter is false. It stands to destroy ‘journalism’ as we know it. I’m not taking a conservative luddite view of this new phenomena, i’m taking the view that BigBill69 and stylestace999 will not stand up well as the pioneers of news in 3 years time, when The Times has packed its bags and their officer-workers are subbing for food. The trending topics on Twitter make any social interest and influence false. If Twitter picked ‘Spaghetti’ as a trending topic right now, suddenly, stores around the world would be running out of Dolmio and Parmesan would be steeper than oil.

This has been somewhat ranty, so to conclude in a coherent manner; the internet makes information more available and quicker. The internet also makes very unimportant people feel like they are important. I’m all for audience participation and UGC but if we let every single person with a wireless connection think they are running the place, armageddon can not be far off.


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