Kick off our braces and start straightening out

October 23, 2009

This is an impromptu post because this song has been stuck on repeat in my head for several weeks now. It truly is a masterful piece of music. Below is Mr. Devine doing it acoustic, but be sure to check out the album version, or full band version.

Kevin Devine is a close friend of Jesse Lacey and their bands regularly do shows together, often appearing on stage together; search youtube for some orgasmic moments of this. Andy Hull, of Manchester Orchestra, kicks around with them as well. Jesse has done backing vocals on Cotton Crush, but Kevin doing it on his own is still beautiful.

Kevin Devine

On first listen the build up to there’s a cotton crush seems unnecessary, like waiting for the punchline whilst ignoring the joke. Give it a few more listens and the song takes on a more complete story of a boy seemingly losing control of himself.

You friends won’t wait/ so don’t believe that shit/ when they say they’ll wait/ trust me your friends will not wait for you/

The inner dialogue really portrays a vulnerable person. Kevin then suggests how he is going to crack;

Then you’ll be stoned in some park/ just nodding your head and pinching your arm/ when a girl walks alone/ she’s humming your song/ with your t-shirt on/ and that’s when you’re done/

The release at this point comes in both lyrics and music. The explosive chords combine with directions to stop f*cking around…maybe we need to be hollowed. Everyone needs to escape; to release themselves; kick of our braces and start straightening out.

I very much doubt anyone can listen to this song, especially the album version with the full band, and not want to escape themselves. Try it. Now.

Check out Kevin Devine’s other stuff; it’s really good folk/pop/rock with genuine emotion.


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