How to become Master of the Internet

November 4, 2009

Last week our online journalism lecture was given by the head of Blogging for Reed Business Information, Adam Tinworth. Up until this point our approach to blogging had been somewhat hypothetical – dealing with the potential of blogs, or technical -trying to figure out how to get audio/visual/words onto your space in the world wide web. I could not find any blog-related pictures that were not boring or being used by everyone so here is a political statement roughly comparable to the power a blogger has out in cyberspace.

Adam introduced a much more practical model of how blogs, in particular specialist blogs, can work to create income. I am not to going to regurgitate what we were told in the lecture. Firstly, a successful blog is not just the result of ticking boxes, and secondly, I am in no position to comment on how to make Tractor Weekly a successful enterprise. Instead, with the lecture in mind, I will give my own take on the successful blog formula.

Engagement seems to be one of the most important points in making media work in a two-way environment. Essentially, it is no longer a viable approach to just throw information at people and expect them to be impressed. One must engage in debate, dialogue and conversation with them. Adam, as a keen ‘tweeter’, engages with his audience very successfully. This blog in particualr deals with lyrics, which are facts – beyond nit-picking anoraks – and so discussion and opinion is the only thing that drives this blogging idea, otherwise you may as well just go here and get objective banks of song lyrics.

Further to this, you must set your blog out with a fairly well-defined aim. Adam said although broader blogs can be successful, they are much harder to run, and less likely to attract regular readers. This is because specialist bloggers who range from comfortable enthusiasts to experienced experts will be able to give much more interesting insight to a single topic area. Adam’s blog, One Man and His Blog, deals with advances in and opinions on social media.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=john+humphrys&iid=5640061″ src=”b/2/e/0/Sony_Radio_Academy_ed7d.jpg?adImageId=9629807&imageId=5640061″ width=”267″ height=”394″ /]

Obviously the best person to represent the importance of specialist subjects is Mr. John Humphrys. See above.

The next point is one that really applies to life as a whole, not just blogging. Without sounding cheesy, if you are not passionate, interested, or keen, about what you are blogging about, why should your readers be? If you enjoy what you are doing it will be a pleasure to update your blog 3 or 4 times a week…*cough*. If you are not enjoying writing your own blog, it is unlikely people will enjoy reading it, and from a business point of view, this will result in swift homelessness.

That is all.


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