Inconsequential defined.

November 16, 2009

The newsroom is awash with who the greatest sporting legend (or whatever else contrived wording can be mustered) of the noughties might be.

Now, I am in now way a sports encyclopedia like my good friend, Alfie, and so no names nor selection of useless facts spring/sprung/sprand to mind, and in such a state, I was about to post a picture of John Barnes and end the debate but then I realised the whole ‘noughties’ thing might not fly.

Sadly, I know that whoever I select for this coveted title will not be chosen with much firm evidence or convincing argument behind them, and so my choice is fairly futile. So much so that I am going to throw three names into the ring just to create debate/humiliation.

1. Steven Gerrard.

2. Jonny Wilkinson.

3. This bloke.

My choices reflect my opinion that a) this topic is very subjective and no one will ever agree, hence Gerrard, b) as much as men are legends their actions at individual times will be remembered more, hence Wilkinson, and c) no matter how legendary sportsmen are, people getting hit in the face is better.

I’ll crawl back into my hole.



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