Music what I like, yeh.

November 21, 2009

Every now and again I will digress from the lyrical direction of this blog and talk amount bands/songs I like. I think this is fair, and because of my musical tastes, the lyrics will probably be hot stuff anyway. So here we go, the first ‘Bands/songs that I may have just found out about, or liked for ages, or liked for a little bit but just remembered them and want to tell you about them’ post. Exciting stuff.

Ahead of seeing Kevin Devine in a few weeks, which I am ridonkulously excited about, I have been scouring the excellent Big Scary Monsters label which is home to This Town Needs Guns and Pulled Apart By Horses (edit. Both bands have now left the label, but they used to be on it. Close enough), amongst others. My little soiree led to the discovery of two bands on the Favourite Gentlemen label, All Get Out and O’Brother. Actually if I recall I think I ‘discovered’ them through a twitter link from the omnipotent Manchester Orchestra – the method’s not important or interesting but… smashing, eh?

All Get Out hail from South Carolina and offer some splendid alternative-indie-pop intelligence. Don’t be put off by the deep V neck, I think it works anyway. Nathan Hussey, the lead singer, has an American twang that ignites his voice. Like much of the music worth listening, it has got some feeling. Sounds cheesy and cliched, but it is true and important. Once more with feeling springs to mind.

One of the great things about approaching a band without any prior knowledge is that there is no ‘single’ in your head which taints the way you view the other tracks. It is an insignificant pleasure but I do enjoy listening to an album where I don’t know which songs have been released as singles and well, making it up myself. It seems, and it doesn’t surprise me, that ‘Water and God’ is All Get Out’s flagship track.

The other band, O’ Brother, are from Georgia, Atlanta. Their new EP ‘Death of the Day’ is a melancholy, gritty affair compared to All Get Out. Lo-fi growls lead a passionate selection of tracks. 9-minute ‘The Uncharitable Thief’ stands out as an emotional tour-de-force where ‘The Great Release’ is a superb fired up track. O’ Brother’s melodic blend of atmospheric ‘rock’ is unrivalled by any band I have heard for the first time this year. Enough of my rambling, let the music speak for itself.

It is difficult to get across how good bands are in words. Listen. I look forward to the next installment of bands what I like and stuff.


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