Should video equipment be available to everyone?

December 4, 2009

From the evidence of this video, no. My original idea was a cracker – stand in the middle of town with a camera and a sign and get people to tell me lies that they have told and then say whether they were sorry or not. It would have been an emotional roller-coaster of a film. On setting up in Queen Street, it became immediately clear that this was not going to work. People were not willing to tell lies they have told, or they did not understand what I wanted. Consequently, the public used this opportunity to make hilarious lie-based jokes such as, “Your hair looks good”, “I like your scarve” and other blinders. This backfired for some of the more intellectually challenged when their own wit caught them out and they ended up complementing me; “your breath stinks.” Well done.

The plan was ambitious but I had hoped to get some insight into the frequency and bitter-sweet approach to lying. Everyone lies but nobody wants to admit that. In the end, I got a series of poor, poor jokes cut with pictures of Patrick Stewart face-palming. I had fun, it was an experience, and I learnt a little about video-editing. Oh, and I ended up with a mildly comical video about nothing. Enjoy.


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