Christmas doom and gloom

December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas all. I did not really want to do a Christmas post so this is as close as i’m willing to take it.

First up, Manchester Orchestra have indulged their seasonal side by putting up a ’12 days of Christmas’ live acoustic version of their most recent album. It is truly beautiful. I suggest you give it a listen.

Mumford and Son’s most recent single, ‘Winter Winds’, is my most listened to song this festive season. It just makes you want to be battling against cold winds in a field somewhere circa 1920s. No? A brilliant band, Mumford and Sons seem to have risen to acclaim on the back of the slow-burning folk revival which has happened over the last several years. Noah and the Whale can absolutely do one, this is the good stuff.

Next up, is the Christmas treat we were lucky enough to receive from Mr. Erol Alkan this year. The previously unreleased Disco 3000 edit of In Flagranti’s ‘Brash and Vulgar’. I defy anyone not to dance their little festive socks off when hearing this. The Disco 3000 edits pretty much just extends the track and puts it in some Erol-esque drums in (see Waters of Nazareth (Erol Remix)) – a lovely present. Download it here.

The people went mad when they heard that.

And finally… The Twilight Sad. A band i cottoned on to a few years ago but only really took notice of when I bought their new album Forget The Night Ahead. A brilliant collection of dour Scottish sadness. Intense noise, a soft Scottish tongue, beautiful melodies and an impending sense of tread and doom make this excellent Christmas listening. It will probably be good until April or June considering the British weather. Listen to it in the dark, preferably still damp from the elements.


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