Council Tax Bandings?

January 12, 2010

Revising for exams offers the perfect opportunity to scour the interweb, mixes, beatport, your cds, etc. looking for new music. Since learning about local government structure is as fun as repeatedly setting fire to your face I’ve found some lovely musical gems in the past two weeks.

Gramophonedzie, a Serbian producer, draws a beautiful retro tech-house feel from Benny Goodman and Peggy Lee’s Why Don’t You Do Right? to create a refined piece of the dancefloor, Why Don’t You?. If there’s one thing the world needs more of, it is dance music made with jazz from over a half a decade ago. Jazz cuts and stabbing house beats present a beautifully daring track.

Delphic have been the bands on everyone’s lips of late, literally, well not literally. Anyway, dig past their new album ‘Acolyte’ and you see that techno-wizard Paul Woolford has been given remixing duty on their track, Counterpoint. A beautifully balearic slant on the electronic single works wonders – stabbing synths cut up techno bass leaving just enough disco to create a perfect blend. There is a dub mix as well for those afraid of those indie lyrics. Riton has also worked his magic on Doubt here

Joe and Will Ask? are two of the freshest producers around at the moment. They can not put a foot wrong. Their early work, like the throbbing electro track, Surge, seemed to be them finding their feet, whereas their latest work is some of the most accomplished crisp dance music I’ve heard in a long time. Christ Martin is thumbing tech-house incorporating the subtle disco sound that Joe and Will Ask? work so well. I read once their name was in relation to them asking what music has become and where they can take it. They have definitely forged their own path over the past few years and I will be very surprised if their brand of disco techno does not take off in a big way for 2010. Superb.

More revision-spawned music to follow in the next fortnight I’m sure.


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