Wha’ gwaaan?

March 28, 2010

End of an era? I’ve just finished my second term at Cardiff School of Journalism and it’s been pretty tough. That’s why the posts on here have been few and far between. Anyway, enough excuses, and enough low-quality news gathering.

What is floating my boat at the moment? Wha gwaaan? Well, I’ve been getting into the bridge that is beginning to connect techno and dubstep. Call it what you will, but the likes of Joy Orbison, Untold, James Blake, Scuba… the list goes on, have been creating subtle, progressive 2-step… and I like it.

I’ve been indulging more and in dubstep of late and finding much of the more popular stuff a bit grating. The likes of Rusko, and Caspa to a degree, do not have the delicate creativity in their music that many other dubstep producers do. Even big names like Joker and Nero are producing some good stuff. In fact, one of my favourites of the last few weeks has been Nero’s remix of MJ Cole’s seminal garage hit Sincere.

As tech-house comes to the end of its tribal-infused fun trip, the likes of L-vis 1990 and Bok Bok need to find a new angle. That sound is growing almost as tired as the screeching synth championed by Major Lazer and Sydney Samson. At the same time, the 2-step, garage-rooted scene that, arguably, has had big players in it for a while like Modeselektor and Four Tet, is really coming alive.

It will be interesting to see how far this goes and what happens next, but at the moment, the discordant, often erratic, techy dubstep is the next big thing.


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