The First Weekend

November 5, 2011

Within a day I’d already fallen behind the 1,667 word-a-day target NaNoWriMo sets you. Tuesday: I wrote about 700 words then went to the pub for a quiz. Wednesday: I spent three hours making a lasagne which left only time for about 1,000 words. Thursday: I was busy, then lazy, which amounted to about 1,300 words. So, in between all that I’ve crossed the 3k mark but I’m god-knows-how-many words behind schedule.

I therefore have to use this weekend to pay catch up. By the end of Sunday I need to have written another 7,000 words. I’m fairly happy with the content of the ol’ novel but I won’t be disclosing any of that until I have at least half a plot – say, around 15 thou. Until then, I’m off to a coffee shop in Cambridge to look really poncey and literary and write my novel. Oh yeh.


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