I can feel it slipping away

November 12, 2011

Aaaaaararaghaghagaaggghghghr. Is he waving or drowning? Is he dead or is he just sleeping? I may seem calm but I can feel the goal of 50,000 words November 30 slowly slipping away. I’m about three/four days of writing behind schedule and for every day I fail to write 1,667 words the gap gets bigger. Here’s a picture of a cat in a sink.

I’ve sort of accepted defeated as far as Monday to Friday goes and see my only chance of success is in writing a billion words on the weekends. It’s easier said than done because I’ve noticed, though time is available on my lazy Saturdays and Sundays, once I cross 2,000 words my brain starts to slow down and it’s really difficult to keep focus. What’s more is I have two issues with plot I have to overcome plot.

1. I hit a dead end where I’m not sure what’s going to happen.

2. I hit a planned major event where I know exactly what I want to happen and that scares me, so I put off writing it. This is essentially because the big plot events are what makes up the book – and so decide whether it’s a decent book or not – which scares the bejesus out of me.

Now, there are is only one way round these problems – in non-literary terminology – it is to man up. I just have to write through it. It is still early days in the novel and I think once the story is in full flow it will be easier to just plough through the plot. And so, with that complex analysis of what I have to do, I can reveal to you the plot involves two brothers and some other people and some stuff that happens. Bet you’re on tenter hooks, aren’t you?


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