The beginning after the end

April 2, 2012

For those of you who were aware of my attempts at literary self-destruction last November when I tried to write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to learn I am picking up the 23,000+ words I managed to scrape together and am going to try and turn them into 24,000+ or maybe even 27,000+ words. Since Cambridge First closed last Thursday I have been wondering about how I will spend my time, besides applying for jobs/thinking about applying for jobs/thinking about thinking about applying for jobs.

As I said here, I always wanted to return to We Were Made Out Of Lightning (provisional title) at some point and this seems as good a time as ever. Thinking of the novel as a whole, my vague plan would be to write it until it is finished then return and edit it all, rather than edit and revise piece by piece. The former seems the better option otherwise I can imagine getting bogged down in individual sentences or paragraphs and barely moving forward.

My state of unemployment also makes it more likely I will post more mutterings on here, though the rubbish state of my home internet and lack of desk in my room (bed writing is not productive) damage that prospect. I am also rubbish at thinking of things to blog about so if anybody wants to suggest random topics and force me to write about them, I totally will.

So, hello blog-writing, lie-ins and furthering my novel-type-thing, and farewell Cambridge First, I really did quite like you.


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